POI Programme – Feedback on understanding good practice for improving Social visibility

Understanding good practice for improving Social visibility

Facilitator: Zak Peric

Location: Room G07, Richbell Place, WC1N 3LA – 29 May, 14:30 – 16:30


The session is about understanding Social media in relationship to self-promotion, with the use of commercial tools such as Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and other web tools to create successful networks. Furthermore understanding the principles of blogging practices to create a network of followers. It will raise awareness of media formats, for basic image editing for the web, for example file sizes resizing, compassion, naming best practices and colour profile for the web. This then will lead onto embedding audio, images and videos to websites and blogs from video and audio streaming websites such as YouTube, Vimeo and Blip TV. It will also give an overview of the relationship between HTML and CSS and Flash Websites in respect to accessibility.


Questions asked to members of Staff:

1. What sort of evaluation data would you like to have by the end of this project? (this could inform the students questions)
2. How/can this activity improve your CPD?
3. Did this activity enhance the course or curriculum in any way?
4. What were the challenges for you
5. What worked well? What didn’t work well?
6. Would you like to do more or similar projects in the future, if so what?
7. How being involved in the DIAL project has impacted on your activity.
8. Did you find it beneficial and why?
9. What would you like to see in the future?
10. Could you articulate where the project is moving to and what it is contributing towards?
11. What message would you give to staff wanting to start?

Evaluation results from 5 members of staff

½ – All people asked find it useful and made comments such as: expanded my practical understanding of social network for business, helped developing Academic practice Unit, developed a greater understanding of relevant social media sites for promoting events.

3 – We had answers such as: established the ground for decision making on how to progress in the area of social media, informed how to deliver digital literacy/ employability content (on developing online profiles)

4 – Two answers stated: multi tasking and using a lot of sites was challanging, deciding weather I want to publish a professional online profile on the web through social media.

5 – We had answers such as: the basic fundamentals behind the subject, worked well, the question and answer session was quite useful, hearing about concrete example was good, etc…

6 – Everyone asked said that they would like further training on areas such as more in depth training on how to embed video and images, training on twitter, practical experience on how to create a social media profile, more specific focus on artists online identities etc…

7 – We had comments such as: it has informed my research, good to be involved collaborate share knowledge.

8 – Some of the comments were: it is helping me developing my project, consolidation of existing knowledge and new tips.

9 – There has been a general request from various people for similar business oriented practical workshops.

10 – One of the answers was: defining what developing an online identity is. Obviously it is a complex task, which needs to be tailored to:
– Privacy / IP/ Copyrights
– Images (profiles + other)
– Social Media
– etc..

11 – Here are some answers for the last point: Go for it and be prepared to experiment and fail, go ahead: be honest, thoughtful, insightful and willing to share knowledge.

Questions asked to students:

1. Why did you want to take part in the session?
2. What did you get from the session?
3. How do you think this knowledge will impact on your development?
4. Do you think professional web skills should be part of your course or an optional extra, why?
5. Should your professional digital and web skills be evaluated from the start of the course, why?
6. Should web skills be practice specific or general?
7. How much training in this area would you like?
8. How could we develop the Professional Online Identity programme, what works and what don’t work?
9. Any other feedback about the POI programme? Positive and critical feedback welcome.
10. How did you find out about the workshop?
11. Were the communication clear and the booking system user friendly?
12. Any suggestions you would like to make for future activities?

Evaluation results from 3 students

1 – To learn something more and improve my understanding of about PR and social network, to improve my social online profile for fledging business

2 – Updated technology, the importance of breadcrumbs (a navigation aid used in user interfaces), put name into metadata, etc…

4 – one answer was: pro and cons – there is not enough time to do it when the course is in full flow but its important, and another one was: it is important to put it into the course because it is the most powerful way to communicate and target and audience.

5 – The general answer was yes

6 – Both from the general to the specific

7 – All students wanted as much training as possible

10 – One of them found out about the session from the UAL website

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