Benefits of DIAL to the Student Engagement (Digital) project:

Benefits of DIAL to the Student Engagement (Digital) project:

by Charlotte Webb My digital life project manager (

  • The work of the Professional Online Identities group is of interest to the SE project ‘audience’ (students engaged in digital tech) and the POI event at LCC was really useful for gaining an insight into what kinds of advice and guidance students are seeking, as well as in giving me ideas for successful event formats.
  • There is a reciprocal benefit between DIAL and Student Engagement (digital) in terms of community building – e.g. I recently circulated a message about the POI workshops to my My Digital Life mailing list and a student booked straight on – so we are sharing resources and networks.
  • I will use DIAL as a case study, with a focus on the students who have been involved in setting up and running the projects (e.g. DIALogue students and others) – this is a good example of student engagement with projects.
  • It has been useful to join group discussions about digital literacy. Developing digital literacy is not the scope of the student engagement project, but is a related area of interest/concern, and it is very useful to work with the DIAL team to ensure that we are not duplicating efforts, and are pooling resources.

As a new project manager DIAL has been a useful resource for my reference, and discussions with Chris about how to progress the project have been informative and helpful.

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