Reflections on the DIAL – Learn IT collaboration

Please see updates below from Christine Kelly from Learn IT reflecting on the Professional On-line Identities project (POI) collaborative work DIALSEE and Learn IT have been involved in over the past year and a half:

  • What benefits has your project delivered and who are the beneficiaries?

The Professional Online Identity project has enabled cross collaboration for Learn-IT with other key stakeholders within the University, SEE, CLTAD, DIAL and various Associate Lecturers. It has highlighted the benefits of pooling the talent and expertise within these teams, enhances this and future projects within the UAL and shares knowledge and expertise of each department. It has also benefited the staff and student engaged in the project, which can be fully evaluate with further feedback after the final course delivery.

  • What other impacts has your project had?

The project has highlighted clearly what students would like to know with regards to having an online presence, the cohort used were not experts in technology or a cohort on a technology led course. This helps Learn-IT with the development of their courses for Staff in the next academic year.  Equipping Associate Lecturers and other staff with understanding the IT needs of students leaving the University, for example opening up the project to staff and student has and will allow for the sharing and cascading of skills and learning.

  • How will the project be developed further/sustained?

Learn-it strongly believe that UAL promoting and supporting students and staff with the professional online experience, should be a high priority within the student experience. The work involved in piloting this project and the content could effectively be evaluated and developed further into an optional or mandatory part of the curriculum across ALL colleges.  Learn-IT’s consultancy role within UAL has found that there are varying levels of support and expertise students receive from academic staff and IT services. Students need support with digital technologies to extend their learning, whatever their required discipline and level they enter the University at.  Learn-IT are not clear where the project would sit, but are invested in supporting and developing the course content further after final evaluation.

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