Professional Online Identities (POI) workshops/programme

After meeting with Learn IT and SEE we concluded that a good approach we’d like to try is to offer some training/focus group sessions to programme/course staff and also the project staff. The idea being that we use this training time to talk about the various activities we’re asked the students to undertake, learn more about this ourselves if necessary and then discuss at the end of the session how we can best support these areas for students/staff on the course (alternatively we can look at how to offer training to staff and students together in future sessions). The DIAL project would like to explore how we take staff and students along together, so not focusing on one or the other too much.

Michael and Fred staff form the CSM Performance Design and Practice subject area have confirmed the dates which fit into their time-tables, we are now starting to use these dates to plan the training/activities and workshops as we discussed.

  • Chrissy & Learn IT– Twitter – Blogging/wordpress – Social – Web/tools development – Basic code – Privacy – open source – drupal ??
  • Katie & SEE – OWN-IT/copyright IPR (Silvia Baumgart ) – employer engagement – business/industry survey/participant call out – ??
  • Chris & DIAL – In house platforms – external platforms – open source/drupal web development – Creative commons – presence/physical and virtual – Ego – sharing online

CHALLENGE: The project is about identifying challenges for staff as much as for students, we are trying to fit this into a very busy and already over stretched course and team schedule. Not all course staff during term time will be able to participate in this project or come to the training sessions because most staff contracted time is already filled with teaching and admin. Offering project activities/training to the all staff and students is out of the scope of this project as it could get very complicated.

ACTION: We hope by involving two key staff members (who have offered their time) together with the project team, we hope to develop some resources to share online with other staff and students from the course and beyond.

As part of the online identities work and other DIAL workshops we would like to use the lego serious play in workshops and training sessions, Identified by Fred and supported by Alison James. See Fred’s blog post here –


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