Call for Student DIALogue digital researchers

CCAD students in the canteen

Following the success of the DIAL student surveys (Six students + Six colleges) the DIAL project would like to identify and work with a group of six students (ongoing) one students from each college. The student researchers will work with DIAL as a student DIAL presence in each college to research and gather opinion and feedback from staff and students ? DIAL would like feedback on topics related to the DIAL objectives and active, ongoing, new and emerging DIAL projects.

Six students will be paid between four to six hours weekly (for a short period up to 2 to 3 months each time) through artstemps. The DIALogue digital researchers would feed back their findings weekly via post and comments on all the DIAL baseline blogs and take part in regular ‘DIAL operational group’ meetings.

If you are interested in being a Student DIALogue digital researcher please email Chris Follows – . Please say why you’d be interested in being a ‘Student DIALogue digital researcher’ and which college you would be interested in taking part, does not have to be the college your studying at ?

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