CCW Technical Staff Away Day at the Imperial War Museum

DIAL presentation at the first All-CCW Technical Staff Away Day held at the Imperial War Museum London

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DIAL Project Highlights This Period

•WP 3: DIAL team Link
•WP3: DIAL projects activity: Active, ongoing, new and emerging projects link
•WP5: DIAL Project Blog Link
•WP6: Ongoing Baseline Link 1 & Link 2
•WP6: Focus & discussion group meetings Link
•WP6: DIAL Evaluation Report Year 1 Link
•WP7: Resources & OERs Link
•WP8: Project Dissemination Link
•WP8: DIAL blog as resource/support sector collaboration: Glasgow School of Link 1 & Link 2
•WP9: Senior Management and Strategy Link
•WP9: DIAL at the heart of UALs new digital strategy Link
•WP9: National press interest in our projects Link
•WP9: Creative & Cultural Skills involvement in projects

Project Key Activities Due Next Period

•DIAL cannot be the lone project on digital literacy. UAL focus group Understanding digital literacies definitions & competencies Link
•Student DIALogue reps – Following on from the success of the arts temps student surveys we will be trialing a similar more in-depth approach of the Six students in Six colleges pilot Link (student engagement)
•DIAL, Learn-IT, CLTAD & SEE are developing a joint pilot project addressing Professional Online Identities; UAL students & staff Link
•Two new 0.5 part time DIAL coordinators posts next year.
•Demonstrating impact to the institution in terms of communicating ‘tangible benefits’ taking into the following year one evaluation findings (new awareness and expertise is seeing communities as resources).
•How can DIAL continue to encourage engagement & participation but also manage expectation & maintain the capacity to support sustainable growth? Not be the lone project on digital literacy.
•CCskills commission Creative & Cultural Skills Research Proposal Link
•Address equipment needs
•Other Risks Link
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