E-Learning Strategy Group (ELSG)

DIAL attended the E-Learning Strategy Group (ELSG), as well as hearing a concise overview and update of all the current E-Learning developments & contacts at UAL that DIAL could be involved in or benefit from, it was also an opportunity to highlight current and new DIAL projects and feed back some of the experiences and lessons learned.

Matters arising included Sharing E-learning Practice. Really important and great to hear there is an active call out for this , it also gave DIAL the opportunity to share our project perspectives on:

How can we encourage more sharing online with a wider variety of participants ? May of the projects and activities at UAL are not being communicated as efficiently as they could. DIAL mentioned although DIAL have a very active online presence and dissemination its still difficult to get the message out to a wider audience. It was noted by Charlotte Webb who was one of the panel of six speakers who discussed their experiences of creating online identities, using social media and specialist networks, and being a digital citizen. Charlotte said this presentation format ‘road show’ style events were a great way of communicating projects, tools and e-learning concepts and to get quality feedback from staff and students.

The  ‘Delivery of technical resource information online‘ highlighting sustainable development methods for encouraging staff in ‘being online’ (sometimes with resistance and for the first time). DIAL have explored how staff take ownership of presenting their resource/course areas key information online and how this can enhance CPD and provide new pathways into future e-learning engagement.

Jo Morrison presented an update on the CSM Digital Present a new blog supporting digital literacy at CSM. This blog is a great source of college led/gernerated information and is and will be a very useful case study and example of best practice in addressing and exploring digital literacy in an embed and sustainable way in colleges. Lots of Jo’s case studies and experience will help inform our DIAL led UAL wide focus group meeting starting in January exploring  UAL specific issues around ‘Understanding digital literacies at UAL definitions and competencies‘. The group aims to debate and draw up collective ideas about how best to map digital literacies across UAL as a whole with an aim of understanding how UAL communicate art specific digital literacy definitions/ideas and competencies.

We hope to feedback early findings from this focus group at future E-Learning Strategy Group meetings.

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