Welcome to ‘Digital Life’

Welcome to the UAL digital Life programme. We have recently started to bring together many of out digital initiatives under one umbrella in order to deliver an inspirational digital experience.

This is much more than a technology initiative and at its heart is the DIAL project; without digital literacy who will use the tools and services that many of the projects in digital life will deliver?

Much of the work DIAL has already produced, including the digital baselines, proved invaluable as we started to shape the programme which now includes areas such as our web sites, virtual learning, portals, online libraries, showcases and ePortfolios and our use of social tools and services outside of UAL.  We will also focus on really outstanding student engagement and build on projects such as DIAL, commonplace and ‘My Digital Life’@DEL2012.

For more information please visit the Digital Life blog.

Steve Howells – Digital Life Programme Manager

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