Video resource for presentation skills in development

We’re making a video as one of the resources for the video presentation skills project.

This is the provisional structure:

  • Open with a clip of LCF. Intro of people involved in project: Chitra, me, Pei-Chin, Chris
  • Clip of group activity, students in first workshop recording each other – voiceover introducing the project
  • 1 or 2 clips of students doing their one minute video pitches with no preparation
  • Clip of the students reflecting on the experience in the lecture theatre after the first workshop – voiceover describing more about the feelings that the students expressed
  • Clip of Pei-Chin explaining about her ‘How to do an elevator pitch’ presentation, and clips of the good SEED Fund video applications that Pei-Chin showed to the students
  • Voiceover – explain the benefits of the exercises and how it helped them prepare, practice and use peer feedback to improve their confidence and skills. Which clips to use here?
  • Clips of the students presenting one-minute video pitches before and after the training, compare them back to back
  • Clips of students giving feedback: they said how confidence improved overall, content improved, felt more comfortable with camera, and felt that practice helped (slides with quotes from the students?)
  • Summarise how we we’ve created a series of resources to help other staff use these exercises with their students?
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