Digital ‘present’ and futures new blog for CSM

Here’s a really great example of good practice in colleges taking ownership of their digital ‘present’ and futures –

My question would be who would set up and manage these kind of initiatives in all the other Colleges, this blog and the general digital landscape at CSM is managed by Jo Morrison.

To provide environments for learning that help to drive intellectual, social and economic advancement at a time of rapid and uncertain global change is the challenge of UK higher education.  Thankfully, this blog has a somewhat lesser goal, although that’s not to say that we lack ambition.

What is the purpose of Digital Present?

CSM staff and students are using digital tools and social media to enhance their learning and teaching in all sorts of new ways.  The Digital Present blog will capture and share some of these activities in order to provide an insight and to nourish the curiosity of colleagues who might be interested in exploring digital technologies themselves.

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  1. Jo Morrison says:

    The Digital Present blog is part of a wider CSM project aimed at supporting staff confidence and competence in the use of digital tools and social media. Increasing ‘digital literacy’ is a strategic aim for the College, and we have found that adopting a communities of practice approach to supplement ongoing activities is starting to work well.

    In terms of the blog, the idea is very simple – to illustrate ways in which colleagues are exploring digital technologies, as well as providing useful information about tools that are available and so forth. It is a publishing site, rather than a place for two-way communciation – if conversations are desired then the DIAL blog is the place to connect!

    I would say that my colleagues at CSM have been wholly supportive and generous with their time, so the will is certainly there to share experiences and understanding to support our overall digital literacy.

    Shan Wareing’s comment in a recent CSM staff event concentrating on the use of digital technologies within UAL and the College sets the scene wonderfully:
    “All our practice that involves digital is provisional, an experiment.”

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