DIAL Project Outputs: Online Reflective Practice case studies

Here are two mini case studies of participants on this year’s PG Cert programme who have made good progress already in incorporating online reflective practice into their own courses:

1. Monika Parrinder, a Visual Culture and Theory tutor at LCC, introduced the use of blogs for open drafting of written work. This was intended to reduce the stress associated with writing and submitting formal drafts and to foster a culture where writing is seen as an intrinsic aspect of design practice – a useful way of exploring ideas – rather than a ‘necessary evil’ for assessment purposes. Students reported a range of benefits, such as the sharing of references and the broadening of perspective that came from viewing and commenting on others’ work, and an ability to make better judgements about their own work. A range of technical challenges were experienced; some students found strategies to overcome these and some didn’t. A desire for a greater level of tutor engagement has led Monika to consider what she needs to do differently in order to better support the technical aspects of blogging. http://goo.gl/MUutn

2. James Montgomery, a Photography Technician at LCF, set up a tutor blog to share learning resources with his students as an accompaniment to a series of technical workshops. This was intended to encourage students to take more responsibility for their own research and to free up workshop time for practical activities that led up to a final shoot. The final shoot provided the motivation for deeper approaches to learning in the absence of formal assessment. In addition to this, James set up group blogs for the students to document their progress in the workshops. James noted that this constructivist approach improved student learning and confidence, and student feedback (captured using a video ‘pod’) was very positive. Engagement with group blogs was lower than James hoped for and he is considering ways of better integrating this activity; for example through enabling and encouraging students to record processes and outcomes on the blog during the workshops. http://goo.gl/qhQyi

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