adventures in appearances


I think I have finally managed to get to write a first post.

My Project comes with two other projects attached!  I have some funding from a few years ago that remains unspent as I went on maternity leave.  This Clip Cetl funding “reframing your practice” sparked an inquiry into the Boundary Objects that we use in practice to communicate from one to another, in fact this blog is becoming a boundary object too.

CLTAD have joined me to look at how we can set up and use Workflow in the curriculum, particularly in the new Centre For Performance at CSM, and on the shopfloor for the Performance Design and Practice students.  Here we have identified a need to have platforms that staff and students are familiar with and are user friendly.

So as I build an online identity, for myself and for the Centre for Performance and Performance Design and Practice, and possibly for MA PDP and the new Collaborative Performance MA  I will be reflecting through the DIAL projects blog, setting up groups and learning opportunities and finding out first hand what it would be like to be interfacing with Workflow, Process Arts and myblog for the first time.

The first thing I did was to try to post my avatar and see if I could make a link to a website.

Now I’m going to think about how process arts can combine with the other projects

[show_avatar align=center avatar_size=200]

Ok, I hit Preview.  So the link worked and I got Grey man for my picture (?) and then I got lost…..where do you go from there?  After a circuit of back and forth buttoms I see my blog saved as  draft…so I am back and now I will hit Publish to see what happens.

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  1. Hi Fred, glad you made it, nice profile photo its showing on the front page. So I’ve now seen you on process.arts and myblog.arts… job done 🙂 –

    The myblog.arts help videos are good here – .

    As the nature of blogging can be extensive you may want to consider setting up a separate dedicated blog for this project and then post summary updates on the DIAL project blog every month or so. How do you set up your own blog, well it may be a question for myblog.arts support (you can join this group and ask questions for support if you cant find the answer in help – go to groups tab on front page and join support group).

    I’ve set up my maximum allowed blogs so I don’t have the function to set up any more, but I think if you click on the blogs or group tab on front page you get the option to set up a new group blog (a blog on its own means only you or invited guest can post and group blog means you are open for mass contribution but don’t let that put you off as mass contribution is the hardest challenge of all unless its built into assessment : )

    Good luck

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