Using iPads in Art and Design

We would like to compile thoughts and ideas of how we can come together and explore the use and integration of iPads at UAL. We hope to collaborate and research in the broad area of ‘Networked Learning Technologies in Art and Design’ and examine the use of iPads in Art and Design.

Here are some posts about iPad use at UAL specifically to get us started:

Forum for Drawing, Touch Screen and Question Time- – I participated in this workshop by Derrick Welsh, it may be good to contact Derrick ?

My digital revolution (some early questions to explore here ) –

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2 Responses to Using iPads in Art and Design

  1. We are looking to procure 10 ipads for the new Learning Zone at King’s Cross as we want to look into the use of the ipad:
    To facilitate learning during our workshops
    To allow students to undertake training by viewing the content on the ipad and working on a laptop or desktop computer
    To allow students more options for collaboration and interaction during group sessions
    To improve the experience of students with dyslexia (taking advantage of the many apps and built in functions that present or store information in accessible formats)


  2. I am little bit surprised that you are using the term ‘Networked Learning Technologies in Art and Design’ as this is the name of my research lab which I set up some months ago! Then again nobody has a monopoly on a title but please consider that I had exchanged an email with Derrick Welsh recently so he was aware of this.

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