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Following my meeting with the Strategic Development SMT 22 May 12 Stephen Reid, Deputy Rector put me in contact with John Brown UALs director of IT. We had a very productive and long conversation about the digital at UAL. John then introduced me to Justin Banbury‎ and Steve Howells‎ who are key IT contacts and potential DIAL collaborators to work with in the areas of digital capacity and demand, they are also involved in a UAL wide digital capacity project called ‘digital life’. John, Justin and Steve were all very interested in the UAL digital baseline project and I’ve invited them to join and contribute to this UAL wide network.

As IT are looking for evidence/understanding of current and future demands regarding digital capacity in order to design UAL digital IT future we thought this could be a good opportunity for DIAL to support this process. Therefore in DIAL projects we will include some generic key data sets/evaluations:

IT infrastructure and storage – What are the needs of the UAL digital stakeholders

Service demand – What do courses, students colleges need, what are they considering in the future and need support with developing ?

Requirements – stream media, cloud services, web hosting, video server, course showcase websites, server space, project websites.

Past experience – Evidence and stories of where we’ve been and are currently at.

Future gazing – What do we want to see or are emerging trends (edu-social, open educational practice and open educational resources etc)

All the above categories can be found in the UAL digital baseline project and its open for anyone at UAL to contribute.

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  1. It’s great when you find other like-minded individuals to work with. Partially because what you say makes sense to them and partially because collaboration produces better results than individuals do.

    The Digital Life programme is very much in its infancy – you could even say it has not actually been born yet. I am at present trying to meet as many people as possible and gather as much information regarding UAL’s ‘Digital Life’, our current projects and aspirations. This should help shape a programme that will provide a bridge between UAL’s overall strategy and our digital projects.

    Capacity is one part of this puzzle and Justin is focusing on our digital infrastructure capability, we are after all operating in exponential times!

  2. Great to see this kind of collaboration, this bodes well for the sustainability and longevity of the DIAL project once the JISC funding ends.


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