Developing Digital Literacies PDF

Developing Digital Literacies

The JISC Developing Digital Literacies Programme promotes the development of coherent, inclusive and holistic institutional strategies for developing digital literacies for all staff and students in UK further and higher education. This paper explores some of the themes that have emerged from the programme.

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Universities and colleges have an increasing responsibility to develop digitally literate graduates in order to meet student expectations and the demands of employers, in addition to addressing wider concerns regarding the competitiveness of the UK workforce in global markets. There is also a recognised need for further and higher education institutions to develop a digitally literate workforce, ensuring that all staff acquire the digital professional expertise needed in an environment in which research, teaching, administration and academic practices are increasingly mediated by digital technologies.

The JISC Developing Digital Literacies Programme is funding twelve projects in UK colleges and universities and collaborating with ten sector bodies and professional associations to support the development of digital literacies. This briefing paper provides a snapshot of early programme outcomes and explores the following emergent themes: graduate employability, digital literacies in the academic disciplines, emerging practices with digital technologies and the engagement of students in strategies for developing digital literacies.

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