Workshop 3 – Peer feedback on the before and after videos

For the last workshop of the video presentation skills training, following on from the second workshop, the students returned to watch the videos that they had produced – before and after the workshops – and provide peer feedback.

Each participant had a form with criteria for feedback which were:

– Body Language
– Content
– Confidence
– Voice/delivery

The participants then reviewed each others’ videos – comparing the first and the second.

The clearest trend was that the content and structure of the video pitches had improved.

Some feedback on content:

  • Video 1: Lack of structure Video 2: Better content well structured
  • 1: More personal – more about herself not really structured 2: Much better structure – better content – more about business pitch
  • 1: Not structured 2: Better structured – good to mention future opportunity
  • 1: Good structure but a little sticky 2: Better structure

Feedback around body language in a couple of cases showed that in the first videos perhaps captured a bit of spontaneous energy and personality that perhaps became more controlled with a lot of practice, so there are pros and cons of practicing.

Some feedback on body language:

  • 1: OK 2: Improved hands good
  • 1: Move hands 2: less use of hands but still expressive
  • Was freer in the first video – more of a pitch
  • 1: Too over confident 2: Better

Confidence was interesting. In verbal feedback, the students suggested that they felt more confident with doing video presentations mainly due to the fact they had now done it and were more familiar with it, as well as having practiced. On the feedback sheets, for the most part the feedback indicated that they felt participants looked and sounded confident on the first and second videos.

Some feedback on confidence:

  • 1: Good, ends good 2: Ends good
  • 1: Good Confident 2: Good Confident
  • 1: Very calm and confident – a bit more uncertain 2: Looking good – sitting was more relaxed
  • 1: Good confidence 2: Good confidence – knows what is talking about.
Feedback on voice and delivery were not, for some reason, routinely divided into first and second video categories, so it is difficult to interpret any change in any meaningful way. However, I am including some of the comments just for interest.
 Some feedback on voice/delivery (not clear whether relating to first or second videos):
  • Very clear articulation, very clear voice
  • Calm, wasn’t clear, felt like she was eating the words
  • Clear voice, didn’t rush, articulated well
  • Good delivery and pace
  • Volume – should be louder

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