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On 24th May 2012 the first of a series of studies took part at London College of Fashion for a fellowship project studying the impact of online learning videos. These are notes taken from technical staff and academic staff who would potentially use online videos in their teaching. They were shown a series of 5 different online videos that relates to their subject areas: Fashion Design, and Fashion Design Technology;

1.       Opportunities to reuse the shown videos: after induction, to refresh memories, to help students with strong visual memory and foreign students, students using smart phones to view videos are already noticed in workshops, students are also using smart phone to record some demos
2.       Critical aspects of reusability related to the format: length –short; each video needs to be set in context e.g. shows briefly the whole machine, mentions the process within which the machine fits; features that capture the attention are to be considered e.g. pause, graphics which point/identify an area to look at; further consideration of the lighting, positioning of the narrator, colours of the used demo fabrics etc
3.       Long presentations (e.g. master classes) should be used in different context – to inspire, to show what is possible
4.       Whilst there is an acceptance of the videos, their  initialisation in learning and teaching practices is left to the students’ initiative to access

The next part of the research for this fellowship will interview staff who have been involved in the process of making learning videos, then we will interview 1st and 3rd year students to gage how useful videos made for them actually are.

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