Q.7 Should UAL evaluate digital skill levels of staff and students?

Summary of feed back from students who interviewed students Q.7 part of Six students in Six colleges

Result of this survey (please see more details below)

Yes = 34

No = 36

Wimbledon College of art (7 participants)

Yes: 5

Yes good idea to support those who need extra help, through an informal assessment

Yes and then support for those who need it

Yes informal evaluation and help those who need it

Yes and help those who need support

No: 2

No, its a free option

Camberwell  (12  participants) No answer 6

Yes 1

Yes, Think this might be a good idea, although not sure if skill sets are that important in sculpture.

No 5

Absolutely not. Less bureaucracy. It is already more about evaluation than creativity.

Feels that it is a an alright level. Most people know what they are doing.

No, not much use to it.

Chelsea College of Art and design (20 participants)

Yes 7

Could be quite a good idea.

Staff specific to technology yes, but otherwise no. But support should be there for people wanting to use things digitally.

YES- specifically the STAFF. some the of the key staff for digital equipment are incredibly unhelpful and don’t know what they are doing. It’s terrible.

Yes, it would give people more motivation to broaden their skills if they are aware of what they are missing on.

No 11

No, we should learn it ourselves.

Maybe 1

There’s an assumption of what students are capable of and what they know… there should be support for those who want it.

Don’t know 1

Possibly for Staff… and for students that are struggling, they should provide help.

LCF (15 participants)

Yes 8

The staff only

Most said students are usually of the younger generation, and so their skills not need to be evaluated. However staff should be in order to “keep up with the times”. A few said nobody’s skills need to be evaluated.

No 1

No answer 6

Yes because some staff don’t update things

Staff need to be evaluated, students don’t “because we are the new generation”

LCC (13 participants)

Yes 13

Not for students, but yes for staff!

If relevant to course content e.g. Photoshop

Good idea, especially staff

Yes – necessary for the industry

Central St Martins College of Arts and Design (16 Students/1 staff member )

No = 17

According to all students and staff members UAL shouldn’t evaluate any digital skill levels


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