Web Literacy Skills

Thought this work by Mozilla is very inline with the DIAL objectives.

http://erinknight.com/ ………prepare people for participation and contribution in today’s (and tomorrow’s) digital society and global economy. Webmaking skills can set up an approach to life in general that fosters not only looking-under-the-hood, embracing failure, tinkering and remixing, but also participation, citizenship and action. These are not just life skills but ultimately a way of approaching life.

For more please see What is webmaking? – http://erinknight.com/post/17966967241/what-is-webmaking

The Mozilla Learning team are defining a set of core web literacy skills and developing learning pathways for people to develop and hone these skills. Our goals are to develop and empower more webmakers by providing them with the opportunity to learn making by making. This work is leveraging all of the great momentum, tools and content built through Hackasaurus. –https://wiki.mozilla.org/Learning

Summer Campaign 2012 – https://wiki.mozilla.org/Summer_Campaign_2012

We’re building a generation of webmakers. First step: invite people everywhere to MEET up to MAKE something cool and LEARN how the code behind the web works. It’s called the Summer Code Party and it starts June 23rd.

Mozilla and dozens of others orgs are getting together to make this happen. Here’s how you join in:

1. MEET with friends or go to an event.
2. MAKE something cool on the web.
3. LEARN how the web gets made.

Wiki – https://teachwebmaking.mozillalabs.com/index.php/Main_Page#Who_is_this_website_for.3F

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