Workshop 1, part 1 – filming one minute video pitches without training

The first stage of the workshop with Fashion Entrepreneurship MA students from LCF took place on Wednesday 25 April at High Holborn, in the lecture theatre.

There were 6 participants, all female. My first impression was that this was a group of students who were, for the most part, fairly comfortable with being in front of a camera.

Chitra Buckley, the course leader, started off the workshop by explaining what an elevator pitch was.

The group then split into pairs, taking it in turns to video their partner’s elevator pitch.

We were in the big lecture hall at High Holborn so it was quiet and big enough for all three pairs to stay in the same room and record their clips at the same time.

Each had a Flip video camera between the pair. Some also had smartphones, but all chose to use the Flip cameras.

The Flip cameras are easy to use – just a big red button for record. (See this video on how to use a Flip or this video on how to use the Flip mino, a newer model. Unfortunately Flips are no longer being made, but there are alternatives.) There seemed to be no issues with using the Flip cameras. The only question from one of the participants was how to skip between video clips.

Doing a single take in one minute also reduces the need for video editing, which can be time-consuming and which needs additional skills and software, though there are some decent programmes, such as iMovie on the Mac. Flip also provides some basic software editing.

The pairs discussed the content of their pitches to start with before starting recording.

Each pair decided to record several takes of their video pitches. One of the participants commented that their partner’s first attempt was better as it was more natural and unforced.

All of them decided to time their videos, so they stuck to the one minute limit.

The next blog post, Workshop 1, part 2 – watching the video pitches on a big screen, describes the second part of the workshop, where we had a group feedback discussion on the process so far, and then watched the video pitches on a big screen and gave feedback.

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