Preparation for the video presentation skills workshops

We did some preparation for the video presentation skills workshops with a group of Fashion Entrepreneurship MA students from LCF, run in conjunction with Chitra Buckley, course leader, DIAL and SEE.

In order to prepare, they were given a brief in advance. They were asked to create a one-minute video pitch about something that they were working on, a project or something they were passionate about. Our initial idea had been that they would present on their MA project outline, but it was slightly too early in the process as they were all in the early stages of developing their plans. They had all thought about the content of their video pitch in advance.

Research from my Fellowship showed that students found it easier to do presentations if they were in a supportive informal environment. Chitra Buckley, course leader, developed an informal atmosphere, where everyone seemed comfortable giving feedback (even though I was filming at the same time).

We asked them to fill in some questions at the beginning. They were:

Have you ever created a short video promoting yourself or your project?

5 out of 6 answered No

How confident do you feel about doing the video?

  • Somehow confident
  • Confident
  • Not too confident
  • No not very confident (worried about how I will look like)
  • Confident

If you haven’t done this before, what has stopped you?

  • Time, not had the opportunity
  • Don’t like to see/hear myself recorded
  • Never really felt the need to and don’t have the technical skills required – would love to though Never needed it before
  • Never required it and felt a bit conscious

Give one word that expresses how you feel about it

  • Useful
  • Experimental
  • Embarrassed
  • Intrigued
  • Fear/Embarrassment
  • Great

Read more about the first workshop in Workshop 1, part 1 – filming one minute video pitches without training.

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