E-Learning Strategy Group Meeting ELSG 01/12/11

E-Learning Strategy Group Meeting

Minutes  (DIAL related only) from the last ELSG held on 1st December 2011. in the Large Board Room, High Holborn

Present: David Bracegirdle, Jan Conway, Jess Crilly, Angus Eason, Kevin Garner, Marc Griffith, Paul Lowe, Ruth Powell, Nancy Turner (Chair), Charlotte Webb (Clerk), Ben Westhead

Apologies: Ellen Sims, Andrew Scheiner, Glyn Whittle, Jo Morrison, Pete Maloney, Dereck Harris

DIAL – Chris Follows presented to the group

4.3 Digital Integration into Arts Learning (DIAL) (Chris Follows)

·     This is a two-year project, funded by JISC. Chris has been appointed project manager.

·     DIAL will engage self-identified communities across UAL who would like to improve their digital literacy.

·     It was noted that ‘digital literacy’ means different things in different contexts.

·     The evaluation of digital tools is important for the project. Their effective use can have a strong impact on academic liaison and student induction.

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