What does open educational practice mean to you?

We had our forth ‘open education at UAL drop-in/focus group session at WCA 26/04/2012 following on from previous sessions at (CSM, LCF and CCAD) the sessions are part of a CLTAD project collaboration between ALTO and DIAL. We will announce further dates for meetings at Camberwell and LCC very soon and be running a lunchtime webinar. If you would like us to visit your college again or visit a specific course to talk about the implications of open education then please contact Chris – c.follows@arts.ac.uk

We kicked off the meeting by asking participants ‘what open education or open educational practice meant to them’ we were fortunate to have a good cross section of views and experience. We had some critical debate around the issues of openness, which was really useful for progressing the debate. It would be good to try and engage and encourage more critical debate in future meetings to help address the core concerns of open education/open practice. I feel is important that we’re (ALTO, CLTAD & DIAL) are not seen as promoting or pushing people into open education but seen as supporting the imminent transition into openness for everyone. The open educational movement is already in danger of becoming an elite network of specialists who advocate ‘openness’ and are rarely self critical of the movement and like many technological movements there is a danger of becoming too specialised and advanced which could marginalise the critical voice.

Here’s a rough breakdown of the discussion, I couldn’t capture everything as I was typing and talking at the same time, we only really asked the first question ‘What does open educational practice mean to you?’ I have created the other questions based on the general flow of the discussion and could use these in future focus groups.

OEP in Practice

Read more: http://process.arts.ac.uk/content/what-does-open-educational-practice-mean-you

Read more: http://process.arts.ac.uk/content/what-does-open-educational-practice-mean-you

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