Dial were invited to present at the STAFF & CAREER DEVELOPMENT FORUM 22nd February, 14:00 attended by the deputy Rector and key UAL staff.

The following notes from the meeting with recommendations below:

Discussion item – DIAL update lead by Chris Follows

Background: The DIAL project (Digital Integration into Arts Learning) is a two year JISC funded digital literacies (DL) project at University of the Arts London. The DIAL project aims to address improved graduate employability and cultural change by developing confidence and capability in the adoption and integration of digitally enhanced learning for staff and students. Over the last three months we have seen the introduction of the UAL DIAL blog ( and further development of the project plan. An initial ‘base-lining’ exercise has been carried out via a series of workshops and discussions at enterprise week, producing a snapshot of the current digital landscape from as many perspectives as possible. Flexible learning offerings include desk learning and post course support e.g. online videos and recorded tutorials. The project will be looking to embed DIAL activities into practice as much as possible. The project will provide the funding and potential to run 16 concurrent projects within UAL. Individuals and groups are invited to come forward with proposals and should be willing to take on board and develop them as a project. The first major project is taking shape and in total 4 groups are now committed to establishing UAL projects. A list of the current projects can be found at:

Other elements of the project will look at graduate employability and how students can present themselves professionally, and should the University evaluate digital skill levels for both students and staff.

It is essential that the DIAL project continues as an ongoing programme, beyond the initial two year funding, becoming part of the way we do things.

–     Discussion around the assessment of staff capability at UAL

–     Discussion around methods of measuring/self-assessment competencies

–     Discussion about the development of individual staff profiles based on the principle of a one-stop-shop. Information feeds into other systems and the requirement to update happens only once.

–     Suggestion that Chris Follows could present to College & Service SMTs and potentially Program Directors and key academic groups.

–     It was suggested that teams should look at projects that could benefit from digital activities.

–     Discuss with Neil Henderson the potential collaboration and benefits to the SICOM project.



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