Open Education Week at the UAL

John Casey’s notes below summarise of our previous OER drop-in session. Our Critical friend Carole Baume joined the meeting, was really refreshing to have external participation in the debate, Carole proposed the interesting idea of ‘OER buddies’ John mentions in the notes below. Action to self: Followup on those outcomes! I attened the UAL drawing conference and hopeful building some connections with the UAL/OER drawing community. –

Open Education Week at the UAL by John Casey {accessed 13/04/2012} Had a great meeting at Central Saint Martins Art College yesterday to mark open education week and kick of a series of workshops and discussions around the UAL colleges – for more info about the meetings see this link. We had a full team turnout including Chris from the UAL DIAL project funded by JISC to improve digital literacies. Fascinating set of discussions about art education and education in general and what we can share and the implication for the future. As usual we got into some deep philosophical discussions – and all the better for it! We had an important discussion about skills needed to participate in OER sharing and the confidence that needs to be gained by people to put their stuff ‘out there’. The idea of ‘OER buddies’ who share the load and support each other was very well received as well and we shall be following that up and aim to increase the amount of on-site workshops.

3 or 4 pledges to release content into the ALTO system at the UAL. A suggestion to pursue joint collaborative course development between different colleges at the UAL for an intro to drawing course (quite radical proposition that – especially for a collegiate outfit like the UAL!). 2 requests to talk to course teams about sharing and openess.

The drop-in workshop discussion approach seems to work and we will develop it further – fits well with our ‘fieldworker’ philosophy as well.

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