Introduction project management, DIAL & open education at UAL a case study

I recently attended a very productive 2 day introduction to project management course at UAL by Emma Altman, was very timely for me given DIAL is my first officially managed project. It was a great opportunity to road test the DIAL project plan and discuss projects with a focused group of like minded individuals. There were two significant outcomes I’d taken from these two days:

1) DIAL project or programme? (The DIAL project was always going to be bigger than a project and by acknowledging this and looking at DIAL as a potential UAL programme we can better build a case for developing a UAL wide digital strategy and sustainability plans to develop and maintain progressive digital practice at UAL. So DIAL will run as a programme and do its best to acknowledge as wide a spectrum of issues as possible although it can not address everything. DIAL will concentrate on supporting a small number of DIAL project groups, these focused mostly ‘grassroots’ projects  will address issues identified in the DIAL project plan, ‘Open education at UAL’ is one of DIAL’s first pilot groups)

2) Using the DIAL project ‘open education at UAL’ as a group case study example.

On day 2 we were asked if we’d like to work on some generic case studies or if we had any in-house examples, I suggested we use the DIAL/ALTO ‘open education at UAL’ project as case study examples, the group responded well to this challenge and got to work. As a starting point the groups looked at the existing notes and evaluation summary we had prepared previously (see here).

After much debate the two groups concluded:


  • Let people know what to do and how to do OER at UAL
  • Open at UAL baseline – what is it like now. unconnected, no overall strategy, variable resources and responsibilities, specialist.
  • What it will be like, strategy and sustainable model, clear direction for UAL , Institutional shift ‘cultural change’


  • Produce a handbook – ‘Getting started/how to do Open Education at UAL’ including: Teaching resources, Individual and institutional recommendations for the future and a open education sustainability plan for UAL.

Objectives: Specific

  • Debate: Issues, reservations & potentials
  • Investigate: Expertise, delivery, are of focus, (ie digital non digital)

Objectives: Measurable

  • Contribution of people – who? & Why?
  • Student perception and the balance of self directed learning verses ‘taught’ (Technology in HE teaching: blended learning and beyond)


  •  Data analysis – small drop-ins, debates and focus groups across all colleges
  • Include/encourage those non-self selecting open enthusiasts
  • Record debate outcomes – blog posts and compare – participants to contribute
  • Time spent on this should be quick, project should be a scoping exercise
  • Investigation into open educational resources – looking into who would be the contributors and who would be the users (be good to see how people see themselves in this space)

Quality assurance

  • Understanding restrictions balance with UALs academic standards and assessment criteria

And the end of the session Emma released some OER of her own:

Change Notice template d0.1

DISC quick guide

Work Package Brief template d0.1


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