Notes from meeting on DIAL Open Educational at UAL project

Chris follows and John Casey (project lead)

Duna Sabri (evaluator)

Date of meeting: 24th January

What is the context for this project?

ALTO (Arts Learning and Teaching Online) just launched last week.  Its purpose is to provide a space and a means for people who teach to store and share resources.  ALTO 1 was specific to UAL ALTO 2 is UK-wide, though both are outwards facing.  This project is very much a follow-on that focuses on the community and social dimensions of what it means to store and share resources.

One of the barriers is that people think they have to have a polished presentational quality to their resources – this isn’t the case.  MIT is a good example of good quality content that pays little attention to presentation.  It’s important that those thinking about generating OER see it as a sustainable activity that doesn’t require unattainable skills or resources.

Who is your community? And what are you aiming to do?

People who are interested in producing OER, a self-selected group. Our aim is to expand the boundaries of that community by:

  1. Generating debate about the OER that addresses peoples’ fears, (mis)conceptions, and aspirations for what it might achieve
  2. Reviewing the factors that have underpinned achievements in ALTO and process.arts and formulating some strategies accordingly.


Part 1 of the plan is to set up a live debate, preceded by an online debate on OER.  Two prominent speakers will be invited.  The first debate will focus on OER in Fine Art.

Part 2 is to start reviewing ALTO, we will work compile demographic information about the authors who have contributed thus far.  E.g. which colleges they come from, the number of items contributed, discipline areas, staff group, types of resource.

How might we evaluate this?

Part 1 – reflective interviews with debate participants

Part 2 – The data itself is evaluative.  We might also ask – to what extent is the information collected sufficient to tell us something about who is interested in engaging with OED.  Do we also need to do some interviews with a sample of contributors?

Notes compiled by Duna Sabri 1st February 2012

Notes mtg 1 open learning resources-3



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