Learning Studio Workshop on Digital and Social Media for Teaching and Learning

Where: Staff Club, CSM, Kings Cross When:  15:30 – 18:00 on Monday 19th March

  • Sian Evans:  Facebook to support communication, BA Jewellery Design
  • Cath Caldwell: Using Workflow in BA Graphic Design
  • John Jackson: How to set-up Workflow.
  • Hywel Davies: Cross-institutional collaboration on the ALTO project, BA Fashion Communication and Promotion
  • Jo Morrison: MyArts Blog and Skype to support student collaboration with MIT
  • Chris Follows: DIAL – The DIAL project aims to address improved graduate employability and cultural change by developing confidence and capability in the adoption and integration of digitally enhanced learning for staff and students.
  • Karen Fletcher and Nick Lloyd: An introduction to Lynda.com
  • Colin Buttimer: How new course pages integrate with existing digital communications, and online forms for interim customer relationship management.



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