Policy and strategy

DIAL: Digital integration into arts learning Baseline Report (ongoing) 

1.   Policy and strategy

What institutional policies and strategic/vision statements have a bearing on digital literacy, digital competence, ‘C21st graduate attributes’ etc. e.g. learning and teaching strategy?

UAL Statistics and strategies: Aligning and embedding DIAL project to UAL strategies. What are UALs past, present and future strategies (specifically in relation to technological and digital strategies) in response to the aims and objectives of key UAL strategies. http://dial.myblog.arts.ac.uk/2012/01/23/university-strategy/
  Six distinctive and distinguished Colleges make up University of the Arts London:Camberwell College of Arts

Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design

Chelsea College of Art and Design

London College of Communication

London College of Fashion

Wimbledon College of Art

Located within London, the Colleges are at the heart of their respective communities. Drawing on and contributing to the local culture, they foster closely-knit and welcoming environments in which to study, supported by all the resources of the larger University and the wider arts community.


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