Evaluation Plan

Timing Factor to Evaluate Questions to


Method(s) Measure of Success
Throughout (formative) Final 3 months (summative) Approach taken Successes and

limitations, lessons


Iterative reflection in

project reports and on blog Critical friend feedback

Achievements against objectives
Early baselining stage (Jan 2012) WP1 Online communication, blog, social networking, all college presence, workshops, focus groups, events, analysis of existing research documents, open forums Has DIAL done its best to engage, encourage and support staff and students to self identify Quantitive & qualitive data. What data already exists, how is it being used & presented, what evidence do we have? What strategies are in place or being implemented to address how the digital is being used and integrated? New &/or recurring troublesome problems highlighted, best practices identified from across all colleges and departments
Baseline diagnostics

Provide some (editable) tools that team and community members can use – complementing whatever is on the JISC site (see resources below) In order to design DIAL-specific tools. Duna will conduct some interviews with team members and community members. 

Groups Pilot phases (Jan – June 2012) WP 3 Have students and staff self identified DIAL group projects, are they addressing a particular problem or issues specific to their specialism or areas. Has DIAL done its best to engage, encourage and support staff and students to self identify and establish DIAL group communities? Case studies


Journeys, basic resources, OER use, community/team involvement

Noticeable Impact on a particular practice, course or department. New cross course/college communication & connectivity examples
The DIAL groups are already beginning to form so at as earlier stage as possible the evaluation team will provide the pilot groups with a basic ’embed’ evaluation framework to apply to their community development plans. (Duna)

All will have documented a starting point and an initial benchmark (which may well be revised in the light of experience)

Engage with industry/sector partner, form group (Mar 12 – July 13) Are the DIAL project team engaging industry partners and the DIAL groups collaborating with the industry partners effectively and how? Impact Indicators – Institutional change, High level aims
Has project engaged with key college departments including web environment, HR and student enterprise teams? (Mar 12 – July 13) What are DIAL project embedding project aims into college systems and departments? Who has been contacted and involved to date
Group & communication development May 12 – July 13 – WP 8 Are students and staff working on self identified DIAL group projects groups continuing to develop, how are the groups addressing particular problems or issues specific to their specialism or areas.
Resource development Feb 12 – July 13 – WP 7 Are the DIAL groups producing suitable resources? Are these resources OER and being re-used? Are resources appropriate for use and meet project aims and objectives?
Sustainability – April 12 – July 2013 How is DIAL being integrated into the UAL framework, processes and policies? Impact Indicators Impact Indicators – Institutional change, High level aims

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