• Project management will 0:5 for first year to be reviewed second year
  • Project groups will be sustainable in the second year or without funded support
  • Colleges will supply the correct equipment to deliver support for use when needed
  • Key departments HR, web environment and student enterprise will adopt flexible learning approaches.
  • Courses will participate in the DIAL group small scale workshops and case studies
  • The university may not adopt and act on the findings of the DIAL project and make changes to DL culture and policies
  • Enough digital equipment and support to implement change and progression
  • Project will make up time lost at the beginning
  • That section 1.2 Objectives meet the needs of the stakeholders
  • The scope and parameters of the project are clear
  • No ‘global’ institutional change is expected to DL’s curriculum and policies across the whole institution, small change or impact are expected.
  • No full institutional cultural change but some small local change at course level impact is expected.
  • DIAL groups will be independent and attract cross college participation
  • The project will meet expectations
  • Interest will remain throughout the project
  • Participants will share and develop resources online
  • Stakeholders will engage and participate together online in groups
  • There are existing and willing core group of ‘champions ’ to lead and develop DIAL groups
  • Industry stakeholders will engage
  • Confidence and capability will improve and is measurable through case studies.
  • The project will find changing ‘habits, attitudes and beliefs’ difficult
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