Anticipated Impact

Impact Area

Anticipated Impact Description

Staff development HR/learn IT New blended approaches implemented
Flexible learning Support the integration of UAL flexible learning initiatives
Support institutional strategies DIAL aligned key project themes which support existing institutional strategies
Information Architecture/Content Review Project Synergies with DIAL project and long-term sustainability with the development of the UAL web environment.
Increased staff digital skills and confidence Web 2.0 tools and technologies in studios and workshops
Increased student digital skills and confidence Online presentation and presentation of professional online practice
DIAL online/offline communities of practice New web communities, social educational content sharing
Online confidence and student presentation skills Case studies and resources
Information literacies in Library Services Better staff more alignment with students
Open Education Support implementing and delivering support to UK OER projects at UAL ALTO and ALTO UK
Online Reflective Practice Digital Competence in Online Reflective Practice
UAL/LCF Fashion Colloquia project Institutional problems addressed to form in house national and international online collaboration

Impact Areas: maintain research excellence; maintain teaching & learning excellence; be more effective/save money; have a positive impact on wider society; be ready for technology needs in the future.

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