Project Overview

1.   Project Overview

1.1  Project Summary

  1. The DIAL project (Digital Integration into Arts Learning) a two year JISC funded digital literacies (DL) project at University of the arts London (UAL). The DIAL project aims to improve graduate employability and bring about cultural change by developing confidence and capability in the adoption and integration of digitally enhanced learning for staff and students.
  1. DIAL will explore the pace of technological change and its impact on the day-to-day practices of staff and students. Maintaining progressive practice in these new digitally enhanced learning spaces can present new expectations, anxieties and challenges for all.
  1. DIAL aims to engage and bring together staff and students who are living comfortably with technology (the digital residents) and those who are learning to live with technology (the digital visitors) as a self sustainable networked community.
  1. The project will support a number of ‘self identifying’ individuals, groups and courses to develop an interest or problem area they wish to explore within the spectrum of digital enhanced learning. New ‘open’ groups will share and support in an online & offline exchange of skills, experience and knowledge. Over the project lifetime, processes, resources and toolkits will be developed so the communities can be increasingly autonomous in their development programmes. The DIAL project aims to support staff and students to explore the individual and group impacts of the pedagogic and cultural change in their learning and understanding of digitally enhanced learning within the curriculum and professional practice. Issues of identity, skills and participation will be explored.
  2. Within the community, individual and collective aims and anxieties will be identified. The DIAL community will collectively expand on the ground in studios and workshops and online. The DIAL project will create a community of independent flexible learners who challenge how we communicate, practice and learn together in this new blended space. The DIAL networked community will collectively raise the benchmark of what it means to be a progressive practitioner within a digitally enhanced learning environment.  The DIAL network aims to stimulate demands on the existing college infrastructure and address wider institutional issues of inter college/course and external communication, connectivity.
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