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Hi All,

Chris asked me to give an introduction to commonplace for those people who haven’t heard of or know much about it.

It’s a CLTAD student website project which launched in mid July 2011 with the aim of supporting students making a successful transition to and through university. What’s been exciting is the consistent and ongoing student involvement in the project, it’s a true collaboration!

From the beginning we’ve worked with students on the design the website, logo and navigation and all content is student created (it’s user generated)and covers everything form settling in to London (with maps, area guides, places to eat) to study tips (getting though the first crit, presenting…).

You’ll notice commonplace is a highly visual website, that’s the point, we’re a creative institution so the information should be creatively presented to engage our audience most effectively and successfully- it seems to be working, student and staff feedback has been really positive.

In the 6 months since launch we’ve had 32,545 hits, of those 23,800 are unique. Hits peaked around mid August, I would think to correspond with new students preparing for uni and enrolment and again the first teaching week back after Christmas. There’s some analysis to be done to map the academic journey and see when and what we need to resource to support students through the year. All exciting stuff!

And we continue to develop the site, we’ve recently added an online noticeboard Swap Shop for students to swap skills, collaborate and share accomodation information.

We’re also running an International Student Guide project with BA Illustration students at Camberwell, a cycle jersey competition with Camberwell alumnus Ed cowburn from Milltag and a collaboration project with  Q-Art London, Speaking Out and a Sacred Spaces project with Equality and Diversity, lots going on.

Commonplace is a Widening Particiaption funded project and you can find out more by visiting us or clicking the ISHE Induction website  here

Thanks Siobhan

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