DIAL Survey- Central St Martins College of Arts and Design

Based on the views of 16 Students/1 staff member                                31/01/12 (9 am-1pm)

Canteen- SU Coffee bar- Library- Outside- Around College

Where and how do students/staff want to access information?

Most students claimed they prefer to access information at Uni and at home from PCs and laptops but a few students said they would also actually like to have a UAL Blackboard App on their smart phones in order to be able to get on it easily more often and everywhere. A couple of students stated that online information’s not useful at all and an improvement of the management of direct human access to information would be preferable

What online digital resources do you like to use?

Most people interviewed thinks that having too many digital resources can be really confusing sometimes and, even though some students said they would like to get subscriptions to some more fee-paying journals, the majority of them claimed that Blackboard is enough and really useful but hard to understand and use since it’s confusing, so navigation should be made a lot easier

Would you like to engage with tutors online and see online resources? 

All of the students I got to interview said they would like to have a more efficient online support from tutors but they think that having a direct human contact is far more important because online communication can’t always be successful. It’s all about finding a balance between online resources’ use and face-to-face communication. Most students  would prefer to have more group meetings with their tutors and to access information about UAL news and their courses

Could students create online learning resources, if so how?

A couple of students said they could think of a lot of ways to improve the already existing online learning resources but they wouldn’t know how to build something that could work while most students wouldn’t want to get involved in this kind of project. A member of staff said students shouldn’t be worried about creating new resources.

Should UAL evaluate digital skill levels of staff and students?

According to all students and staff members UAL shouldn’t evaluate any digital skill levels

Which digital skill sets are important to you?

According to the majority of the people interviewed the use of the Internet, Word, Excel, Power Point and Photoshop.

Do you feel connected: to other UAL colleges and individuals?

Even though some students stated that they feel connected to the other UAL Colleges and individuals because they have friends there, take part in socials and are engaged in projects such as the Art Temps and other organizations, most CSM students said they don’t feel connected with the other Colleges at all, since most of them has never even been visiting one of them. Students think that UAL is not really making an effort to link the Colleges and online platforms don’t work properly so social networking should definitely be improved through social events’ planning and a better communication through Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, the distance between all Colleges makes it difficult to travel between them during the day.

Do you feel connected: to industry and professionals in your specialism?

Yes, all students feel connected to industry and professionals since UAL provides a lot of chances to get involved into projects, collaborations, internships, seminars and meetings and they find online support and Tutors’ one really helpful.

How can UAL improve online participation and networks?

Most said, UAL could improve online participation & networking making navigation on Blackboard and other websites easier and more efficient, using social networks even more and setting up online forums with tutors. Some students think that UAL’s doing really good and the system does not need any improvement.

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