DIAL Survey, LCF

DIAL Survey. 15 participants, LCF. Interviews taken from 9.00-13.00 in the lecture theatre, canteen and the library.

1)      Where and how do students/staff want to access their information?

Most said, at university and at home, which is already set up, but some said they’d like to see an App being created for their course, or a blackboard App.

2)      What online digital resources would you like to use?

All students and staff said they are content with the e-library resources and the fact that UAL have subscriptions with fee-paying journals.  Students said they want access to other fee-paying journals like Textile View and Christopher Moore’s website.

3)      Would you like to engage with tutors online and see online resources?

Some said they’d want to engage with their tutors online, others said they wouldn’t because messages can be misinterpreted. One woman mentioned a skype-like service for lectures.

4)      Could students create online learning resources, if so how?

All said students wouldn’t want to create their own learning resources.

5)      Should UAL evaluate digital skill levels of staff and students?

Most said students are usually of the younger generation, and so their skills not need to be evaluated. However staff should be in order to “keep up with the times”. A few said nobody’s skills need to be evaluated.

6)      Which digital skill sets are important to you?

Using the internet and advanced software packages like Photoshop, Illustrator etc.

7)      Do you feel connected to other UAL colleges and individuals?

Some say they’ve got friends in other colleges, but it terms of connection via digital means inside the university, no. Others say that they don’t feel as if they are connected to other colleges within the university at all.

8)      Do you fell connected to industry professionals in your specialism?

Some say yes because of their tutors, but by digital means, no, and would like for there to be a way in order to talk to industry professionals via a UAL service. Also some say that a lot of internships for example cater to more disciplines than others.

9)      How can UAL improve online participation and networks?

Some said making blackboard easier to navigate. And an online forum for tutor groups, rather than having to use Facebook.

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