Six students + Six colleges

Six students in Six colleges. The DIAL project is piloting different feedback methods:

Survey by six students employed through artstemps – survey results here –

What DIAL would like to achieve from this field worker pilot: Dial would like to gain ‘sound bite’ feedback from interviews with UAL staff and student in all six colleges.

Please spend at least 4 hours interviewing at least 6 individuals’ staff or students anytime before 31st January 2012:

  1. Please note what time and place you carried out the interview (café, canteen, studio, media suite, social spaces)
  2. Please use the questions below as guidance, you do not need to ask all the questions, the interviewee could choose the question/s they would like to answer, you can create new question specific to your college if necessary.
  • Where and how do students/staff want to access information?
  • What equipment and skills do staff/students need to deliver the blended, social and mobile learning?
  • What online digital resources would you like to use?
  • Would you like to engage with tutors online and see online resources?
  • Could students create online learning resources, if so how?
  • What support do students and staff need to help create resources?
  • Should UAL evaluate digital skill levels of staff and students?
  • Which digital skill sets are important to you?
  • Do you feel connected: to other UAL colleges and individuals?
  • Do you feel connected: to industry and professionals in your specialism?
  • How can UAL improve online participation and networks?

3.    All data collected should be anonymous (no names of interviewees please), please respect confidentiality.

4.    Allow at least 2 hours to submit your data: Please submit findings via a blog post on, this can be in the form of any of the following:

  • Please email Chris Follows for any questions and to say you have submitted/completed your survey, you can send me a summery of what you did and a list of locations where you collected data).
  •  Please add your responses into this online survey template –


A blog post listing questions and answers

Optional – Additional approaches, methods and follow up (stay connected) :

If you would like to video record responses please do if you can PLEASE NOTE: the interviewee must agree and consent to give full permission to have their video published online.

Upload your videos via youtube or Process.arts –

If you’d like to use social media you can find up here:

Twitter –!/dialproject

Twitter tags #dialproject and #jiscdiglit –

DIAL Facebook –

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