Open Educational Resources at the UAL – ideas and info for baselining at the UAL

Here is a set of links and comments to feed into the DIAL baselining process from the ALTO projects

Senior Management briefing – short ALTO infrastructure description in pdf link

Senior Management briefing slides – benefits and rationale in pdf link

Here is a link to the ‘about’ ALTO page, it provides a short summary of the ALTO project and importantly for DIAL a a list of the individual and institutional benefits involved in open educational resources and practices see

One of the aims of forming a DIAL Open Education group is to continue to build awareness about open education activities at the UAL from the original ALTO project, network with other interested individuals and groups. We have held two open meetings in focus group format and we plan to hold more. Here are the initial notes from the first meeting at CSM We have also held a second focus group style meeting at the annual UAL Learning and Teaching conference which was very well attended I shall be producing notes for that soon.

The ALTO projects are using some of the tools and techniques pioneered by the ADM HEA centre for Art Design and Media in their previous OER projects, we are using their focus group model and questions as well as action plan template to formulate targets for the project partners (ALTO UK) and we hope to do the same for the individuals who attend the future ALTO focus groups. This page has pfd templates for the ADM centre tools we are using and have adapted as well as links to the earlier OER projects the ADM centre ran.

Aims/objectives for the future at the UAL:

  • hold more focus groups and workshops
  • more people using the ALTO infrastructure
  • More people creating and sharing OERs with CC licences via the ALTO infrastructure
  • Individuals and groups getting into OER creation and sharing
  • self organising groups of interest (drawing, video etc)
  • Action plans produced for future activities

Some areas where Open Education engagement has digital literacy implications –

The concept of linking our Open Educational resources to long term repository services raises a wide range of issues including; online identity and reputation management in the long term, privacy and ethical concerns, copyright and risk management, attribution and citation knowledge and skills







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