Young British Artists 2.0 – the importance of developing your skillset !

Interesting article in the Guardian, provides a useful insight into the student perspective on studying at art school and future employment in this sector, some choice quotes from one of our UAL graduates below from Max Dovey, WCA, the importance of developing your skillset   –

Can we use Guardian quotes for baselining DIAL?

“Before I did an art degree I knew I wasn’t doing it for financial gain,” says Max Dovey, 24, who graduated with a first in fine art from Wimbledon Art College last year.

“At art school I was always telling everyone else that no one would be a successful artist, to make sure they had a skillset so they’d be employable and [not to] wait to be picked by [Charles] Saatchi because it won’t happen.”

“Slowly there are becoming more and more realists around the art school environment. “With the rise in fees, I hope prospective students looking at creative courses in art school will value coming out with an employable skills-set over a strong professional art identity.

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