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“The Development & Learning team offer a service based on a commitment to inclusivity, the notion of lifelong learning, and a belief in continuous improvement, so we evaluate what we do to provide you with a meaningful and responsive service” ….

How are the departments responsible for UAL staff training promoting and encouraging flexible open content as part of their training programmes? Lots of UAL staff training could be delivered in different ways and forms to suit the busy time poor staff it serves,  many of these training sessions are scheduled months in advance, participants have only vague expectations of what to expect, they require physical attendance (often a whole day), courses can become fully booked, their are often little support or continued development communities following up the training, there is no culture/evidence of peer support and passing on knowledge and skills.

Although UAL do a great job providing face-to-face workshops and training there may be a preference for a more flexible ‘independent’ learning approach to training, either entirely or to support and prepare staff for progression and preparation into F2F sessions or to support F2F during and after, personal and specific to what they learnt.  Parts of this training could be made more accessible in different ways, PDFs, blogs, wiki, workshop video documentation and training, discussion forums, podcasts, live webcasts and using other Web 2.0 tools. I found only ‘small in-house’ example of this are the Development & Learning Podcasts

Learn IT: Learn IT online guides and help: (this section main page for course support is full of generic content, its a bit of a mine field, finding content that directly relates is difficult) to the rescue, at long last the UAL buys some online digital support, although more personal, specific and specialist content still needs to be produced in house.

The university has recently signed up for a one-year campus licence to  This will provide unlimited access to the Online Training Library ® for all UAL staff and students both on and off-site during this academic year. provides 24-hour access to video courses focused on software topics and business skills training. –

  • Online training tool for IT software etc  for staff and students; can lead to certificate on completion etc
  • Available for use on and off campus and can be used with many devices
  • Campus licence (replacing individual licences)
  • Service launched in October – 2,000+ users and over 23,5000 view by Dec 11.; good feedback
  • Shibboleth allows off campus access; also works with mobile devices incl. i-Pads
  • Cost efficient due to campus licence ; also potential to save costs of ALs/ trainers etc

Short courses:

Please note: I have only skimmed the surface and these are my experiences and perceptions only, I would be grateful to hear of resources and initiatives available to staff which I may have missed.

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