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Credential for informal learning, learning experiences stories, badge system.

This episode’s guest is Erin Knight, Learning Director for the Mozilla Foundation. Erin walks us through all the ins and outs of Mozilla’s new education initiative Badges for Lifelong Learning, a developing system that will enable users to highlight and gain recognition for specialized learning and achievements outside the standard classroom or workplace.

If  you prefer, you may go to the YALSA Podcast Site, download the Mp3 file and listen to it on the Mp3 player of your choice. To avoid missing future episodes, add the feed to Itunes or any other rss feed tracker.

For more information on the program you can visit the project website Please also check out the Digital Media and Learning Competition for proposals issued by a number of different organizations, including YALSA, for different ways of using the project.

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2 Responses to Living transcripts

  1. Doug Belshaw says:

    I’m looking forward to listening to this! 🙂

    • Really interesting, they seem to be wanting to work in collaboration with people/institutions (I’m not sure if their only interested in the US) so will look into this a bit more and maybe propose road testing their ideas against UAL/DIAL’s ideas if its in there scope and ours ?

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