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Notes from Skype meeting 12/11/2011 with Sheila MacNeill at JISC CETIS: Sheila is part of the support team that’s primarily interested in finding out what technologies projects are going to be – or at this stage thinking about using. Please see the DIAL Profile on PROD (monitoring projects, software and standards ) – http://prod.cetis.ac.uk/projects/dial:digit

CETIS has been recording technologies in use across a range of JISC funded projects and store the information in our PROD (http://prod.cetis.ac.uk<http://prod.cetis.ac.uk/>) database. Once JISC have entries from all the projects, they can start to surface programme level trends (e.g.this post for the Curriculum Design Programme http://bit.ly/fH2RAD) which can be used as part of the overall programme synthesis.  Also JISC can record details in PROD that might not necessarily be put into project reports.

Connections with other related projects included:

Keeping up the momentum of blogging can be difficult, however I just wanted to highlight the W2C project blog<http://lrt.mmu.ac.uk/w2c/> (part of the current JISC DVLE programme<http://www.jisc.ac.uk/whatwedo/programmes/elearning/distributedvle.aspx>). The team at MMU are using this blog really effectively to share project developments, thought processes etc.  They have also been able to use the blog as a basis for their project reports.

The JISC programme and DIAL project is not funding technical developments per se, however the choices made around the types of technologies, will provide a very insightful view of effective technology use for the sector.

“I am particularly interested in surfacing issues around what are the preferred technologies for the different stake holder groups, how are they being provisioned at an institutional level? And, at more holistic level, what does it mean to be a truly digitally literate institution? In parallel with staff/student skills developments what are the technical infrastructure developments that need to be enabled?” (http://bit.ly/phZfE3). Sheila MacNeill 2011


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