DIAL update 30 November 2011

Its only early days for the DIAL project and we’ve already had an intense couple of weeks, we’ve been talking to lots of staff and students from across the university and are beginning to build up an early picture of how the DIAL project would look and how best to proceed with kicking off the project in the most productive and efficient way possible.

We have started to gather together a core DIAL operational team to help steer the project in the right direction (see here), it’s hoped as the wider DIAL community develops it will begin to successfully steer itself.

We are going to run a 3 month pilot phases to kick start the project and help identify good practice across the university.

What is the DIAL?

The DIAL project focuses on the development of digital literacies in Arts Higher Education with the primary goal of improved graduate employability and cultural change. (See more information about the project here)

There are some big question we all need to address at this early stage of the project, for example what do we (UAL) mean when we talk about ‘digital literacies in Arts Higher Education’ (students, staff and the institution) and who’s digital literacies are we addressing? Do we see digital literacies as also encompassing multimedia literacy, media literacy, computer literacy, information literacy, do we need to identify new ‘literacies’ of our own specific to art, design and media education?

To help address the big questions we could look at the project title as our starting point and focus on the issues surrounding ‘Digital Integration into arts learning’ how are UAL integrating the ‘digital’ into arts learning and arts practice?

It’s clear we have a potentially huge arena to scope for this project. The 3 month pilot phases will help us to understand and identify how we best begin to approach and curate this complex landscape.

The DIAL project has begun to identify 5 communities for the 3 month pilot phases and the first three communities are beginning to form their ideas and scope, all the projects will be posting their thoughts and ideas openly on the project blog.

The big questions are naturally beginning to surface in this process and as there debated we begin to simultaneously think about how best we can accommodate these groups by developing the best web space to sustainably accommodate theses new UAL DIAL communities.

We are still developing these ideas and would welcome all kinds of feedback and from those interested in participating in the pilot groups. All the groups below have been self identified by groups of individuals from across the university.

Confirmed communities
A Online Reflective Practice (e.g. blogs & wikis)
An information literacies community (digital information management etc.)

Possible communities under consideration by groups
A video resource development community (e.g. instructional video)
An online presentation skills community (e.g. talking to camera, wimba meetings )
An Open Educational Resources use and reuse community
Mobile device use and development (CLTAD)

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