Open and Networked Learning… or Social Learning and Collaboration?

This is my proposal for a core community on Open & Networked Learning. The name is up for discussion; when Chris and I were discussing it we came up with ‘online reflective practice’, but given that we’re currently identifying ‘parent’ communities I was thinking about a catch-all to encompass (for example):

1) developing familiarity with tools that enable online reflection and the documentation of process
2) developing skills and knowledge for the building of personal learning networks
3) developing an appreciation of the benefits and challenges of open (online) reflection
4) developing experience in online collaboration

It may look at first as if this would overlap with an Open Practice and OER parent community, but I imagine OP-OER would focus on developing open resources and teaching openly (e.g. designing open courses), while this community would be focused on learning openly and in collaboration with others. I do wonder whether this distinction will be clear enough to potential participants though. I think there is real value in not limiting this community to reflection as the same tools and skills are also applicable to collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Another possible name might be ‘Social Learning and Collaboration’. Let me know what you think!

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4 Responses to Open and Networked Learning… or Social Learning and Collaboration?

  1. Tough one my early thoughts are – I like ‘online reflective practice’ and its a huge community in itself and is clear to identify, I don’t think ‘parent communities have to be large all encompassing’ I think users searching for info would want to drill down to what they want as quick as possible so may be good to surface small pockets of interest groups which feed into and stem off into larger communities, it would be part of the larger DIAL community network and will crossover into all the areas you identify (we can build this into the DIAL website framework) but as with all these pilot communities in terms of evaluating impact they could benefit from a dual approach – acknowledge the big picture/problem/context and then provide a real would example that illustrates someone at the start of this journey and the impact the community pilot project has on them and others over the 3 month pilot which hopeful sparks wider debate and new and associated communities of practice ?

    • All excellent points Chris! Let’s go with Online Reflective Practice then – focusing primarily on developing familiarity with tools that enable online reflection and the documentation of process, and developing an appreciation of the benefits and challenges of open (online) reflection?

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