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In this video Chris Follows introduces an overview of JISC funded projects at UAL including  ALTO and the new DIAL project (all links below)  Chris joins the Learning Studio group 15/11/11 using Wimba. The learning studio group are a new community of practice at UAL meeting face-to-face 2 or 3 times a term at UAL. (this video can be viewed at 480p and full screen, see bottom right of youtube screen)

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Learning Studio Workshop in using Digital and Social Media for Teaching and Learning. Philip White also presented in person at the Learning studio, you can see all of Philips content videos – http://process.arts.ac.uk/user/162/contents

This is a pilot presentation for integrating Wimba classroom with live face to face events such as the learning studio and related talks. This may also encourage a bigger catch all for future learning studio event.

This session will provide a brief update and overview of the ALTO, process.arts projects and introduce the new DIAL project.

Twitter tag for this event is #dialproject

We will discuss:

Creative commons – http://process.arts.ac.uk/content/oer-legal-spaces

OER and ALTO – http://process.arts.ac.uk/content/alto-introduction

OEP process.arts – Student Example – http://process.arts.ac.uk/content/process-01-alto-competition

Reference – http://process.arts.ac.uk/content/oer-infrastructure-polarities

Did Hans Namuth Kill Jackson Pollock? – http://process.arts.ac.uk/content/did-hans-namuth-kill-jackson-pollock

Reuse – http://process.arts.ac.uk/content/oer-open-educational-resources-reuse-0

SCORE – http://process.arts.ac.uk/category/discipline/research-practice/score-research

Examples of staff content – http://process.arts.ac.uk/content/examples-staff-content

DIAL – http://process.arts.ac.uk/category/discipline/research-practice/dial – Archive

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