CLTAD training

Centre for Learning & Teaching in Art & Design (cltad) has a great selection of training workshops. CLTAD Workshops & Short Courses –

Some examples cources:

This workshop is for all staff who are interested in using blogging to support their students’ learning.
Selecting & Integrating E-Learning Tools
This workshop explores a variety of e-learning tools & techniques which can aid teaching & learning.

Smart Research

This workshop will provide an overview of the e-Library and give attendees a chance to practice information retrieval skills in a relaxed but controlled environment.



Using a Virtual Classroom for Teaching & Learning

These sessions are aimed at staff that teach or support students in their learning.


Using an Instant Messaging Service for Teaching & Learning

The workshop aims to provide an overview of what a virtual classroom is and explore some of the technologies that can support you.


Using Audio for Feedback and Discussions

These sessions are aimed at staff that teach or support students in their learning.


Video & Audio for E-Learning

This workshop will enable participants to identify where video and audio elements can enhance learning and teaching and show them the most effective ways of producing and using video and audio with their students. This is a valuable opportunity for hands-


VLE & e-learning Floor-walking

We offer 30 minutes sessions with individuals who are already familiar with Blackboard but would like to set up extra functions in their course sites. The sessions are flexible and are tailor made to meet your needs, so if you have anything specific you w



Could parts of this training be made more accessible in different ways the only example I can find of this is Development & Learning Podcasts

I have only skimmed the surface and would be grateful to hear of resources and initiatives available to staff which I may have missed.

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